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1879 Revised Statutes of Missouri

SECTION 599. - Adoption of children shall be by deed. --If any person in this state shall desire to adopt any child or children, as his or her heir or devisee, it shall be lawful for such person to do the same by deed, which deed shall be executed, acknowledged and recorded in the county of the residence of the person executing the same, as in case of a conveyance of real estate. (G.S. 478, § 1.)


SECTION 600. - Married woman may join in deed. -- A married woman, by joining the deed of adoption with her husband, shall, with her husband, be capable of adopting any child or children. (G.S. 478, § 2.)


SECTION 601. - Rights of adopted children. -- From the time of filing the deed with the recorder, the child or children adopted shall have the same right against the person or persons executing the same, for support and maintenance and for proper and humane treatment, as a child has, by law, against lawful parents; and such adopted child shall have, in all respects, and enjoy all such rights and privileges against the persons executing the deed of adoption. This provision shall not extend to other parties, but be wholly confined to parties executing the deed of adoption. (G.S. 478, § 3-a.)


SECTION 602. - Probate court may change name of. -- In all cases contemplated by the provisions of this act, the probate court of the proper county shall have power, in its discretion, to change the name of any child adopted, as herein provided, and by order to that effect, recorded in the record of their proceedings. (G.S. 478, § 4. amended)