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St. Louis City Nurses Records

In 1994, two ledgers of indexing to Nurses Affidavits for Registration of Licenses, 1910-1921 and 1921-1937, were found wedged behind cabinets in the St. Louis City Recorder of Deeds Vault Room. The books were found wrapped in brown paper without any labeling and in good condition.

The 1910 to 1921 Index to Nurses Affidavits for Registration of Licenses contains 1,328 names, including 64 women identified as belonging to religious orders. The Index provides the nurse's name, license date, and license number. The Index has been scanned and is available on-line for research. An Index page may be purchased for a fee of $3.

The 1921-1937 Index is undergoing conservation and will be scanned and uploaded to this site upon completion.

At the time the two ledgers were discovered, it was logical to assume that the actual Nurses Affidavits had been disposed of long ago. Unlike most Recorder-related documents, Nurses Affidavits were filings, not recordings. There was no statutory requirement to preserve them.

However, in 2009, during renovation of the Recorder and Registrar's Land Records Dept., some original Nurse's Affidavits for Registration of License were discovered in various locations.

Conservation and indexing of the original Affidavits is completed. The documents await scanning.

The Index to St. Louis City Nurses Affidavits Available for Copy Purchase is available on-line for research and a copy of an original Affidavit may be purchased for $3.

The Index contains 203 names, including 14 women identified as belonging to religious orders and three men. Original license dates noted in the Affidavits are from 1893 to 1937. Where both maiden name and married name were provided on document, the name is indexed under both.

Most of the original Affidavits identify St. Louis as the place of birth and residence of the nurse but some other birthplaces include Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Hawaii (then a U.S. Territory), Ireland, and West Indies.

Search 1910-1921
St. Louis City Nurses Affidavits Index

Search 1921-1937
St. Louis City Nurses Affidavits Index




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