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1910 to Present Original
Missouri Birth Certificates

- Certified Genealogy Copies -
Available Only From
Missouri Health Department's
Vital Records Bureau in Jefferson City

Some genealogists may prefer copies of original Birth Certificates, which may provide additional information.


Use this Form to Request a
1910-Present Original
Missouri Birth Certificate -
for Genealogy Purposes-
from State Vital Records


Before you mail the request- At top of Request Form and in "PURPOSE FOR CERTIFICATE REQUEST" write or type:

Duplicate of Original for Genealogy Purposes in red ink

or Duplicate of Original for Genealogy Purposes in black ink with yellow highlighter

If you do not personalize the Form for Genealogy Purposes, the State will send you
a computer-generated copy, the same type of copy the St. Louis City Recorder and Registrar would issue.

Mail completed Form with notarized signature and payment to:

Missouri Department of Health
Bureau of Vital Records

P.O. Box 570
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

The St. Louis City Recorder and Registrar cannot follow-up on requests to the State for Vital Records copies. Please direct inquiries to the Missouri Department of Health's Vital Records Office: 573.751.6387 or 573.751.6379








To Change or Correct a
Missouri Birth Certificate
Contact Vital Records Bureau

P.O. Box 570
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Missouri Secretary of State Certification, Authentication,
and Apostille 
(authentication of a Missouri Birth Certificate for use in a foreign country)
Old Post Office Building
815 Olive Street, Room 210
St. Louis, Missouri 63101