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Marriage License
v. Marriage Certificate


In some states, but not Missouri, the main public record documenting that a marriage ceremony has occurred is called a Marriage Certificate.

In Missouri, a Marriage License is

the original marriage ceremony public record:

  • Issued by a County Recorder of Deeds for use in a marriage ceremony in Missouri
  • Signed by the witnesses and person officiating at the wedding ceremony, the clergyperson or judge
  • Returned to the County Recorder of Deeds who issued it and preserved in perpetuity
  • Available for free onsite inspection at the Recorder's Office at no fee
  • Available for copy purchase at fees set by Missouri law

In Missouri, a Marriage Certificate is one of two things:

  • The wedding ceremony keepsake given to the Bride and Groom by the clergyperson or judge officiating at a marriage ceremony; said keepsake not generally accepted as proof of a marriage ceremony, not accepted in lieu of a certified copy of a Marriage License.
  • A computer-generated facsimile of  Marriage License information issued by the Missouri Health Department's Vital Records Bureau.